Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Truth About Everything

1. There is nothing but knowledge, or Knowing is everything.  [Can you disagree?]
2. Knowledge is a logical impossibility [ I’ll prove this below].
3. The universe or reality itself consists of propositions #1 and #2.
4. Propositions #1 and #2 are mutually exclusive.
5. Therefore the universe (or reality) is an impossibility since its premises cannot coexist.
6. But the universe is real and it exists based on empirical evidence [I'm sure you won't deny this].

Conclusion #1
Knowledge cannot be but it's ALL there is and ever was!  Therefore, knowledge (or reality) is an illusion [in the sense that knowledge is not what it appears to be].

What is knowledge and why it's impossible: Knowledge is nothing other than the belief This, not that.  Knowledge is only perceived discrimination between space-time events presumed to be nonidentical without any scientific or otherwise conclusive evidence supporting this belief.  [Knowledge is also the antithesis of God or religion for it is the fundamental rejection of monism or Unity – the principal characteristic of God or the very ideal of religion itself.]  This is why:

1. Before we can know something, we have to be able to distinguish said something from other things that it is not by pointing precisely and exclusively at its (and not something else’s) space-time coordinates or precise location.
2. Before we can point to the precise location or exclusive space-time coordinates of something, we must know exactly what it is and that necessitates knowing everything else that it is not.
3. Propositions #1 and #2 presuppose each other (i.e., neither can be instantiated prior to the existence of the other).

Conclusion #2
Knowledge is a logical impossibility but it is all there is according to sense data (empirical evidence).

Conclusion #3
This world cannot be since it consists of knowledge only but the world is.  The world exists even though it cannot exist. 

Conclusion #4
We have no idea what is really going on.

Conclusion #5
The basic human experience consists of the fact that we do not determine a single aspect nor moment of it.

Yet I believe that only love (which means caring for others to a life-changing extent) can make us happy and the only honorable human activity is that which diminishes suffering in this world instead of augmenting it.

Truth is something you already know but pretend not to know.  Truth is the same thing as reality, or What exists as opposed to what does not exist.  For the majority of you out there, this has no bearing whatsoever on the way you lead your existence.  You may think that torture and murder are legitimate means of propagating democracy and freedom.  You may think that human beings killed in your name, or by you, are 'collateral damage only' if they speak another language than yours.  You may be seeking marriage even though you think that love is a stupid and childish concept.  You may think that what is good for you is by definition just and/or reasonable for others as well.  You may think that if you look, play, sound or sing like a celebrity, people will go for you (a copy) instead of the real thing.

There are no solutions when you are the problem but there certainly will be CONSEQUENCES.


  1. Truly, I do not know where to begin in refuting your arguments concerning freegold. Reminds me of what my father use to say about really dumb people, “that were not capable of pouring piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel”. Reckon it would be a waste of time and electrons as you obviously have read only the single article written by FOFOA, “Deflation or Hyperinflation”, yet posting disparaging comments. Perhaps you wish to read some of the archives before you comment about a subject you are not familiar with.

  2. Son,

    If you wanna get somewhere, you gotta start somewhere. And if you don't know where to begin then it means you'll get NOWHERE fast, Mr. Genius.

    I'll give you a gentle nudge on your Journey to nowhere: ad hominems are NOT sound arguments and they prove nothing.